Dental practice remodeling in Los Angeles, California can seem like a big investment, but it’s worth it. Discover how it can improve efficiency, attract new patients, and increase value today.

It’s time to move with the expansion option. Nowadays, upgraded dental offices, equipment, and technology become necessary subjects in the market. However, beyond improving the overall technological care, don’t forget to consider design features to enhance the overall patient experience.

Apart from these, there are other considerations you must be aware of to expand your business. Let’s find out.

The following write-up cover – the benefits of dental practice expansion, how to expand your existing dental office, and how to ensure your dental practice is valuable.

Should You Remodel Your Dental Practice?

Dental Clinic Remodeling Expansion

Benefits of Remodeling Your Dental Clinic

Remodeling your dental practice in Los Angeles, California can bring many benefits to your business. It can increase the value of your practice, attract new patients, and improve efficiency. However, it’s important to consider the cost and potential return on investment before making the decision to remodel.

It’s also important to consult with experts and professionals in order to make the best choice for your practice. In the end, if done correctly, remodeling your dental practice can have a positive impact on your business and help you to stay ahead in the competitive market of Los Angeles, California.

There could be several reasons for dental clinic remodeling, including:

  • Requirements for more workspace and/or labor.
  • Want to reach new markets?
  • Elevate the clinic’s facilities or equipment.
  • Need an increment in cash flow.
  • Require a better quality of life.

In order to accomplish all these goals, an expansion into the adjacent office space is necessary. Despite not moving geographically, you can still find a better quality of life. Expanding your practice will allow you to hire more staff, including associate dentists.

Reasons for Dental Clinic Remodeling

Dental office remodeling brings new opportunities. It allows you to gain knowledge of new technology, procedures, and medical challenges, as well as to retain new patients, who are now more informed than ever and will come to you with many questions. A dental office expansion forces you to explore new methods, examine your overall satisfaction with the practice, and gain a new perspective on what professional satisfaction means.

For accomplishing this task, you need to hire a dental remodeling contractor or architect. We’re a company of dental clinic construction and remodeling in Los Angeles, California, helping dentists to build a well-structured dental office.

Considerations For Expanding Your Dental Office

So, what things should you consider for expanding your practice? There are a lot more. Let’s take a look!

  • Focus on Office Design

To maximize the available space, invest some time to plan out the new office design. Having a proper design plan will help in creating abundant space in a room, from x-ray to patient treatment area, waiting room, bathroom, and beyond.

Before construction begins, make sure the floor plans are meeting building codes. If your dental office renovation or expansion isn’t working according to the local codes’ nuances, the situation will worsen in the future. But, we’re here to suggest hiring well-versed professionals who are experts in dental practice remodeling and renovation. So, make sure this puzzle is fully assembled beforehand to ensure that the expansion effort goes smoothly.

  • Find Ways to Maximize Space

When it comes to expansion, every single square foot counts. Elimination of the doors can make those small spaces feel even larger. A feeling of spaciousness and freedom will benefit both patients and staff with open walkways.

Having tall ceilings will also help. In particular, tall ceilings make dental rooms feel more inviting and comfortable, especially for those who are lanky or have dental anxiety. Repurposing a staff’s office into treatment or storage space can be an excellent option if you’ve had a reduction in the number of employees.

  • Consider Patient and Staff Flow

There should be a flow in your dental office. Making a circle around your practice is the easiest way to get your patients to enter. In order to avoid clogging the front reception area, check-in and move towards the left through a designated back area.

Having designated central supply areas allows your staff to move quickly between rooms. It would be helpful to have a sink in this area for fast hand washing and cleaning. This would reduce the time spent traveling between the two ends of the practice. Consider creating a central space where employees can easily access supplies and other tools they need repeatedly.

  • The Dentist’s Personal Space

Ensure the dentist’s personal space is positioned in an area where office flow can be supervised. There are some dentists who do not even wish to have a separate private space. If not currently seeing patients, they would prefer to be positioned in an area that allows for complete office supervision.

  • Add Decor to Your Expansion

Use the expansion as an opportunity to liven up your office. The decor of a facility is important not just for patients but also for staff. There is nothing more boring than looking at barren walls. It doesn’t mean you have to add expensive pieces. To give the office a fresh look, add some decorative items to the walls, add some new lighting and change up the color scheme.

  • Take Your Time

Don’t rush the expansion process above all else. Make sure your staff and patients are comfortable and this transition will prove easier than expected if you proceed at a measured pace. Consult the experts of dental office remodeling in Los Angeles when in doubt.

As well as getting input from your team, you may also want to consider feedback from your patients. Proceed accordingly based on the nuances of the expansion’s impact on each of these parties.

If you’re looking for an experienced team to design and construct your new dental office, contact the expert LUX Construction Group.

Easy Steps For a Dental Office Remodel & Expansion

It can be challenging to expand a dental practice design. The more equipment and space you add, the more decisions you must make to ensure your business continues to grow. You should consult experienced professionals to help dental clinics grow and bring in more business. These will also help in determining how long the process would take.

Usually, an office expansion falls into four steps. Look at the following!

  • Step 1: Determine the Right Time

The first and foremost step in dental clinic expansion is to understand the right time, such as when you should and can expand the office. You should first ensure that your existing office is maximizing its profit potential. A reorganization of the business or a change in technology could be necessary. It’s time to expand if you believe that profit capacity has been reached even there.

When it comes to expanding an office, knowing when the time is right is crucial. In the early stages of its growth, dental practices tend to build up their client base and reach capacity.

  • Step 2: Analyze How to Expand and What it Costs

What are your plans for expanding your dental practice? Examine whether remodeling or expansion would be more effective. Ensure that there is enough space nearby to accommodate expansion. As part of an expansion, additional dental equipment is usually installed in more office square footage. Keeping up with modern advances in the field sometimes requires adding a new tech room.

The cost of expanding a practice eventually comes down to dollars. In the end, you need to maximize the financial potential of your expansion.

  • Step 3: Plans Must Match Office Culture and Theme

In dentistry, there is a wider range of fields, practices, and client groups than most people imagine. Some are children’s dentists. Some specialize in dental extractions or implants, while others do the family practice. In your expansion plans, make sure your specialty niche is a priority.

It’s also important not to lose office culture or personality during the transition. Providing more space to the receptionist area or expanding the waiting room is an option if you promote your practice as friendly and supportive to clients.

  • Step 4: Keep the Business Operated During the Expansion

If your dental hospital isn’t open, you can’t make any money. That’s why you need to plan to put everything in place for keeping your office open during regular hours. Generally, it’s calculated that office remodeling or expansion would take anywhere from a week to two months, depending on how ambitious the plans are. Closing the doors for an extended period could lose a huge amount. Therefore, the best option is to adopt a phased plan for the time period.

Make sure all these above-mentioned factors are taken into account before beginning the office expansion. If you have questions or need advice, contact LUX Construction Group today.

Remodeling Dental Office To Deliver Long-lasting Value

If you’re planning to build, remodel, or expand your dental hospital, make sure your spending money works hard for you for many years to come. Being a reputable general construction company in Los Angeles, we have come up with two practices that will ensure your project represents long-lasting value.

  • Do Proper Space Planning

Keep in count every square footage. So, create a design plan that facilitates efficiency in every aspect of your practice. It means your office layout should be navigated properly, so patients and staff can circulate easily. huge traffic can’t only deteriorate the workflows but also wasted time and make appointments run longer.

Consider this value-oriented approach for doing the proper space planning. Determine where you need supplies and what key functions you require for space.

  • Think About Decor

The goal of every dental remodeling contractor is to make the space highly functional and inviting space for your practice and patients. Everyone needs a dental hospital renovation that can successfully capture personality and brand in order to provide a memorable experience that makes you unique.

The dental practice should be eye-catching, cautious, and fresh. And, this isn’t possible without careful planning. In terms of durability and current appearance, you can expect a 10-years lifespan. So, use neutral tones on surfaces and more dramatic colors on elements like feature walls and equipment. This approach will help in refreshing and updating your dental practice with limited repairing and decor touch-ups.

Leading Dental Clinic Construction Contractor

It’s no secret that an office renovation or expansion can be a considerable effort. However, it can lead to a better patient experience, a happier, more efficient team, and a better perception of your practice. From lining up financing to choosing paint colors and choosing a commercial contractor in Los Angeles, a successful project begins with thoughtful, thorough planning. The process is complex, but LUX Construction Group, which is the best dental office remodeling company, can help you at every step.

Connect with LUX Construction Group today if you’re planning for a dental office buildout or want to remodel your office design.