Commercial Construction And Remodeling Company in Glendale CA

Lux Construction Group is a full-service General Contractor specializing in Commercial Construction and Remodeling in Glendale, CA. Our markets include a varying portfolio such as retail, restaurant, office, co-working, industrial, flex, medical, and multi-storeyed commercial space development. Having a diverse portfolio in the construction industry has set us apart from our general contracting competitors. .

During the commercial construction, Lux Construction Group will take care of construction management and walk you through each phase – including planning, designing, estimating, permitting, and the actual construction phase.

Our construction manager  can expedite your commercial construction or remodeling project as we understand the sense of urgency to get things right within your timeline. Our professional construction services have the added advantage of having an in-house design team of experienced architects that will work with you from the very beginning.

While building new commercial property, use of latest  designs, proper space utilization, and unique look and feel are of great importance. Our design-build approach delivers one team, one-method approach to deliver guaranteed results.

Our team’s experience and expertise allow us to outperform the competition while offering the utmost quality and affordability for our valued clients.

LUX Construction Group – #1 Rated Commercial Remodeling Contractor in Glendale CA​

Have a new construction project in mind? Do you like to partner with a local construction company to renovate your old office or restaurant? Get in touch with us for commercial construction and renovation services!

We  will employ value engineering and manage  every aspect of your project efficiently from conception to reality on time and within budget. We have our in-house creative design team, construction operations team, and project manager to execute your commercial construction project efficiently.

We pride ourselves on exceptional communication every step of the way, as we understand any construction process is stressful and requires expert handling.

Over 20 years, we have handled many complex and logically challenging projects with confidence and dedication. Every new project (small to big) is an add-on to our practical experience.

As a leading Glendale-based construction and remodeling firm we have worked in domains like dental clinics, office renovation, restaurant remodeling, commercial space renovation, soft-story retrofitting, and so on. Also, in the residential construction, we are known for building ADUs and eco-friendly designer apartments. 

With diversified experience, we would recommend you hire a local contractor for a commercial project in Glendale to best manage the resources, budget, and labor. Our remodeling services have helped us earn the credibility to be known as #1 general contractor in Los Angeles County, California.

About Glendale CA  – A Great Place for Progressive Construction!

Glendale is one of the growing cities in Los Angeles, CA. Downtown, the city has many attractions like the neon museum, hilltop view, foothills of San Gabriel Mountains, the 19th-century Doctor’s House Museum, and Gazebo.

Many established firms such as Walt Disney Imagineering Service, Titan, IHOP / Applebee’s, DreamWorks, LegalZoom, and many more are there in the city. The city has become more commercially viable because of them.

Overall, there is a vast industrial scope of small to big businesses in Glendale, CA. If you are about to set up a business venture here, you might contact Lux Construction Group, one of the leading local contractors having extensive experience in commercial construction .We will help you in your construction project within your budget. Our company has built office buildings with interior designs and custom remodeling.


What Do We offer?

As a licensed commercial contractor, we have a skilled team of subcontractors and other professionals to complete projects on time. We closely monitor each aspect of the construction process, including the purchase of materials, structuring plans as per the regulations and city construction codes, and ensuring quality construction services.

As a service to our clients, we provide the following:

  • The retail spaces we create help you serve your customers well and represent your brand well.
  • For aesthetic reasons, we provide renovation plans for kitchens, bathrooms, work areas, co-working spaces, etc.
  • We build and renovate multi-story buildings, ADUs, and commercial office spaces for small set ups.
  • We are experts in earthquake retrofitting, including non-ductile concrete retrofitting and soft-story seismic retrofitting at commercial facilities.
  • As experts in dental office construction, we design and build clinics according to your specifications.
  • Your ideas are important to us, and we’re excited to be a part of your commercial project. Taking care of every project is our top priority.

Why Are We the Best Commercial Construction Contractor in Glendale CA?

When you hire Lux Construction Group, you’ll receive a service that exceeds your expectations. To ensure that happens, we’ve developed four core principles to guide every aspect of our commercial construction management services.

  • Our Mission

We build commercial spaces that are both functional and environmentally friendly. We design them with eco-friendly designs, and we provide ample space for everyone to work comfortably.

  • Our Approach:

We’re a local contractor in Glendale for commercial facilities, office buildings, dental clinics and more. Our architectural designs and pre-construction plans are designed o match your specialized needs.

  • Our Service:

When building the right surroundings, you need to plan out a lot of things and make sure that your business is in the right niche. We work hard to get to know your business and create a design that will fit right into it.

  • Our Goal:

We’ve grown because of our commitment to quality work, our understanding of client’s needs, and the goodwill we’ve earned from clients.We’ll be there to help you every step of the way, whether it’s providing guidance or technical support.

Commercial Construction and Remodeling With Lux Construction Group

We are the top commercial construction company in Glendale, CA. As such, we help our clients to get their spaces up and running as quickly as possible. We’ll discuss plans with them, discuss options for design and budgeting, and then start on the work. Once the job is done, we’ll make sure that it meets their needs. As part of commercial remodeling, we will provide the following services:

  • New Office Construction/Remodeling Service

LUX Construction Group is here to help you renovate your office space or create more space for running your business. We specialize in end-to-end office remodeling solutions, and our team of business renovation specialists uses premium quality materials and modern tools to complete each project on time.

  • Restaurant Remodeling/Renovation

As a result of their fast-paced lifestyles, customers are looking for better restaurants and bars. These businesses need to be updated in order to accommodate this change in consumer preference. LUX Construction Group can help you with all of your restaurant remodeling needs, including interior and space renovations. From simple updates to complicated conversions, we have 20 years of experience in the remodeling industry and are experts at handling restaurant remodeling projects.

  • Other Commercial Remodeling

LUX Construction Group can help you transform your commercial space into a modern facility that meets your needs. We specialize in remodeling and construction for small business owners who have outdated commercial spaces.

 We’re ready to help you make your commercial building the best it can be. From remodeling your cafe or dental clinic to adding a retail store, we have the experience and expertise to make all of your business’s needs a reality. 

What is the process of Commercial Remodeling & Construction?

As a commercial contractor , working on quality workmanship is important. Understanding the depth of a construction project is the first requirement. Knowing the exact pain points of a construction site ensures an easy navigation along the way.

process of Commercial Remodeling Construction

We follow predefined steps in our construction process including :

  • Step1:  Site Visit and Planning

When choosing a commercial construction project, we consider several factors. The most important ones are: 

    • Visiting the job-site to develop a construction plan.The planning is based on  assessing the current conditions of the site, determining the goals and objectives of the project, and developing a plan to achieve those goals.
    • Next is to consider the physical features or constraints such as the topography, soil conditions, and the presence of any utilities or structures. Also, the regulatory requirements or zoning restrictions are checked.
    • With the above information , a blueprint of the project is prepared. It will consider budget constraints, work schedule, and  resources list.

To prepare a consolidated design, take into account all details and restrictions in the planning phase.

  • Step 2  Model proposal and predesigning

When it comes to commercial construction, every project has different needs.We conduct a detailed research on every project to streamline the process. This helps in setting a realistic target, and offers stakeholders peace of mind that they can depend on you.

  • Step 3: Design Approval 

As a commercial contractor, we like to spend more time on the design phase. The detailed meetings of people involved are arranged so that we can come up with a feasible plan. This stage produces specifications and costs, to ensure smooth execution of the construction phase. These professionals are involved in the design process:

    • Structural Engineers
    • Mechanical Engineers
    • Electrical Engineers
    • Civil Engineer
    • Threshold Inspector
  • Step4: Construction

To ensure the success of your commercial project, we obtain all necessary building permits and insurance policies before beginning construction.

After submitting plans to the building department and receiving a permit, we start with actual construction. Daily monitoring, execution as per plans, cost analysis and work progress report preparation are some of the activities we generally follow. Other than that, a detailed material acquisition report and workers reports are maintained.

  • Step5: Completion of project

After construction is complete, contractors and stakeholders go over the building, making sure everything is taken care of before the project is considered fully complete contractually. Once all the tasks are finished, the building secures a Substantial Completion certificate and completes a final inspection.

Lux construction Group has experience in all phases of a building project: estimating, construction and management. We can bring any project from idea to completion at a fair price and a reasonable timeframe.

What sets us apart?

Commercial spaces are special areas that require a unique approach to design. Contacting the best commercial construction company in Glendale, CA can help you avoid common problems, such as unanticipated delays or missed deadlines.

Before starting  on a commercial construction or a remodeling project, we prefer to meet with our clients to discuss ideas and concepts. We can develop a concrete plan through this process.