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With the many hills in Los Angeles County, a maximum number of houses often suffer from water intrusion in the basement sooner or later. Systematic drainage for your home is paramount in these circumstances.

The water flow in your basement can be a devastating consequence. It can go into the pores of the walls and can cause cracks which will weaken the foundation of the building. Before the pressure of incoming water increases, you must track the reason for the water outlet and should go to ensure waterproofing treatments by contacting a basement waterproofing contractor in Los Angeles.  We Specialized in concrete foundation, basement waterproofing, and foundation drainage.

If you are searching for the best basement waterproofing contractor near me in google, you should be happy to know there are numerous waterproofing companies in Los Angeles offer various types of basement treatments to control water seepage. Some of them include waterproofing basement walls from inside, exterior waterproofing, installing a basement water pump or powered pumps, or installing interior French drains for interior basement waterproofing systems. 

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Basement & Foundation Waterproofing Los Angeles

Any homeowner must take proactive steps to waterproof the basement and ward off the consequences of water and water vapor intrusion.  One more reason to enter water into the basement is due to the condensation process taking place between the warm moist air from outside and cooler air on the walls and floors. A good quality dehumidifier can control this and some charts will help you pick a dehumidifier based on the square footage of your basement.

However, water intrusion from external sources is a bigger problem, and the options to defend your basement might take time. In this case, waterproofing is done for the inside as well as for the exterior walls depending on the requirement.

Basement Waterproofing Services Los Angeles

The coatings of the waterproof are like cement layers that blend with the walls and can’t be differentiated once it is dried. The professional workers must make the appropriate concrete mixture to apply on walls for the basement waterproofing treatment.

Extra coating of paint and other substances should be removed while doing the treatment. This is one of the most cost-effective basement waterproofing methods that can be done if there are moderate water vapors on the walls.

  • You must be thinking what is the best sealant for basement wall leakage? Another chemical method for extreme cases of water leakage is applying silicate-based sealers as a basement waterproofing material that penetrates the concrete & waterproofs concrete block walls inside. They create a chemically produced waterproof coat that is supposedly peeling and flake-proof. Two coats can be applied for the best results using normal painting application methods. For a 10 ft x 10 ft basement, the sealers will cost about $200 to $300.
  • Another option is to apply acrylic basement floor waterproofing paint for an effective waterproof option, but the drawback is that it will require two thick coats. The cost of the paint runs from $30 per gallon to over $100 per gallon for paint used by professionals. This will increase the cost of the waterproofing treatment and it has to be repeated over a period of time.
  • If the construction is done wisely having the interior drainage channels along the walls, then plastic sheets and panels will divert water to the drain channels. The water flow will be in one direction where it can be pumped away. The waterproofing basement cost will be about $1000 and will require a professional to install the system. The cost of building the drainage channel will be separate.
  • Methods of waterproofing from the exterior of the basement include using mixtures of cement and acrylic polymers and water that form what is known as a “cementitious solution” that can be applied to the exterior surfaces by an experienced painter. These “paints” are available at any hardware or home improvement store.
  • Another more expensive way to waterproof is using foundation membranes made of asphalt that has been rubberized and coated to make a waterproof film that fits over the exterior walls. This method will require a deep excavation of the basement foundation on houses with basements. This basement waterproofing membrane material can be purchased in rolls that are attached to the basement walls using adhesives or as a liquid that is applied with a roller, a trowel, or sprayed on.

basement waterproofing solutions los angeles


The advantage of the liquid membrane is that it forms a seamless application that will be able to contract and expand along with the foundation as the ambient temperature changes. Membranes will solve the problem of a porous, leaky foundation and will also be a cure for water seepage from an elevated patio that might otherwise drain onto the foundation.

The least expensive way to waterproof the exterior is to be proactive and act before any water damage has occurred. Plastic pipes that have a pattern of holes in them can be installed in the ground around the house. Water trying to enter the basement will pass over the pipes and drip through the holes where it is then channeled away from the house. Some excavation will be needed to lay the pipes under the ground surface. These pipes with holes have the unusual name of “weeping tiles” not to be confused with the Canadian Rock band of the 1990s name “Weeping Tile”. The cost for a weeping tile system will depend on the degree of excavation but on average will cost about $300.

Foundation Waterproofing & Repair Los Angeles – FAQs

We have tried to answer most of your questions like what is the best waterproofing for basements in LA?

  • Why does water keep coming into my basement?
  • How do you prevent rainwater from entering the basement?
  • Is Basement Waterproofing necessary?

There are other frequently asked questions about home basement waterproofing in Los Angeles. Questions like –

Is It Possible to Add a Basement to My House?

Yes, the Lux construction group is a top-rated Los Angeles basement expansion service, Can build a brand-new basement in your home from scratch. We can custom design the basement so that it fits your home-specific needs. Your new basement can be used for anything, from storage space to a home theater or gym.  Don’t let the extra space in your home go to waste – call us today! 

Why Is the Water Leakage in the Basement?

There could be many reasons for the leaking basements. Water can leak into your basement from a variety of places, for example, gutters, downspouts, leaking pipes, or improper grading around the foundation. If there is any sort of entryway for water to come into your basement, be sure that water will find it! While not all of the entrances into your basement can be closed off, We are construction professionals, who can always find a way to direct water away from your basement. If you want to understand how water is seeping into your basement, give our professionals a call. We will be happy to solve your queries regarding basement repair and construction.

What Is the Cost of Basement Drainage Repair in Los Angeles?

Basement repairs are more affordable than you may think. Moreover, fixing a faulty basement is much cheaper than the cost of repairing the damages that can happen by not having the basement fixed. It has been our experience that damages caused by basements can be very costly because they can wind up causing damage to the entire structure. The professionals at Lux Construction Group will work with you to understand your basement issues and figure out the best and most affordable methods available for repairing your basement.

Do I Need Permits for Foundation Repair in Los Angeles?

Your basement repair may, or may not require a permit.  Moreover, different basement jobs may require different permits.  It all depends on the service you need. Rest assured that Lux Construction Group will always make sure the correct permits are pulled and that everything is done up to code.  We can take care of the whole permitting process for you unless you wish to do so on your own. Our goal is always to provide you with the best possible service with the least amount of cost or hassle.

What Are the Signs of a Foundation Repair?

Constructing a basement is a new trend in Los Angeles. If you are not using it, then it becomes difficult to find whether the basement requires repair. The sad part is that by the time a homeowner spots a basement problem, it may be too late for a quick, inexpensive fix. The right thing to do is to prevent basement issues from happening in the first place by contacting a foundation repair specialist in Los Angeles.

Please be proactive and careful about your basement and keep checking if you need foundation & drainage services. Even if all looks well doesn’t mean that there are no basement leaks. However, Lux Developers is very experienced in spotting issues and will be happy to come to your home for a free, no-obligation inspection of your basement.  If you have a problem basement, we will be able to find the issues and offer you the right mitigation strategies that can not only fix the problem today but help ensure you don’t have costly repairs in the future. 

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