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Lux Construction Group provides a standard construction, renovation, and remodeling plan for clients. With the confidence to handle complex, logistically challenging projects, we are delivering state-of-the-art services for more than 20 years now.

Our construction techniques and resources facilitate the effective mobilization of skilled construction teams and advanced methodologies around the world. We have extensive experience with local considerations and managing culturally diverse workforces.

We are a local construction and remodeling company in Pasadena, California. We are a leading construction and renovation company in South Pasadena providing cost-effective and on-time solutions.

Our team boasts extensive experience in the construction of various commercial spaces, including but not limited to dental clinic construction, office renovations, restaurant remodels, and commercial space renovations, as well as specialized services such as soft-story retrofitting.

If you have a new project in your mind or planning a remodeling of a commercial space, it is better to hire a local contractor in Pasadena, California. A local commercial contractor.

Top Rated Commercial Remodeling Contractor in Pasadena LA County

Would you like to find commercial construction and remodeling services in Pasadena, LA County? The best solution is to hire a local commercial construction company with the best construction facilities.

At Lux Construction Group, we always look for innovative and cost-effective plans for a wide variety of commercial property construction and commercial remodeling projects. For commercial spaces, we offer commercial painting, energy upgrades, ceilings, commercial roofing, commercial flooring, commercial windows, bathroom remodeling, kitchen furnishings, and door furnishing. We have adopted eco-friendly construction techniques to reduce the carbon footprint in the city of Pasadena.

When it comes to remodeling commercial projects, we are an expert in enhancing the aesthetics or adding more units. We are a local contractor in Old Pasadena, Downtown Pasadena, and the surrounding areas delivering cost-effective quality construction with a fast turnaround time.

About Pasadena

Pasadena is one of the commercial cities in Los Angeles County, California, and boasts a variety of places to visit. Old Pasadena, situated in the center of town, is a retail and dining area famed for its Victorian and art deco architecture. The Pasadena area offers a lot of scope for commercial construction projects in the city of art and sculpture. For the construction industry, there is a wide range of old and new business centers where remodeling or new construction work is required.

For restaurant owners, Lux Construction Group offers an exciting plan to remodel or renovate their old restaurants.

We have expertise in constructing and renovating dental clinics. We also provide interior designing and furnishing services.

Building new office spaces with the fastest turnaround time can help you save money. Our goal is to provide quality construction without any delays.

We are a general construction company building multi-storied commercial buildings taking all the safety measures and adopting standard construction methods.

Apart from this, we are known as reputed and trustworthy commercial and residential contractors. We are recommended as the top-rated contractors for ADU construction. If you plan to open a business, contact us for a quote for any size project, small or large.

Best Commercial Construction Contractor in Pasadena

What do we offer?

Commercial construction and remodeling refer to the construction, renovation, and alteration of buildings and structures that are used for business or other commercial purposes. This can include office buildings, retail stores, restaurants, warehouses, factories, hospitals, schools, and other types of commercial facilities.

The scope of commercial construction and remodeling projects can vary greatly, from small renovations to major new construction projects. Some common types of work that may be involved in commercial construction and remodeling include:

  1. Demolition and site preparation: This may involve clearing the site of debris, grading the land, and preparing the site for construction.
  2. Structural work: This may include the foundation, framing, and other structural elements of the building.
  3. Finishes: This may include installing drywall, flooring, paint, and other finishes to the interior and exterior of the building.
  4. Plumbing and electrical work: This may include installing plumbing and electrical systems, as well as HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems.
  5. Landscaping and exterior features: This may include the installation of parking lots, sidewalks, and other outdoor features.
  6. Specialty work: Depending on the specific needs of the project, commercial construction and remodeling may also involve the installation of specialized systems or equipment, such as security systems, fire suppression systems, or telecommunications systems.

Best Commercial Construction Contractor in Pasadena, Los Angeles County

Lux Construction Group is committed to providing commercial remodeling services that exceed clients’ expectations. The 4 core principles in delivering our construction services include:

  • Our Mission

We build commercial spaces that are both functional and environmentally friendly. These spaces are designed with eco-friendly designs, and they provide ample space for everyone to work in a comfortable environment.

  • Our Approach:

We’re a local contractor in Pasadena to help you in the construction of commercial facilities., office buildings, dental clinics, and so on. Our architectural designs, construction plans, and financing options are designed as per individual needs.

  • Our Service:

Building the most suitable surroundings requires a lot of planning, and the ability to understand the business niche. We work hard to get to know your business and create a design that’s right for you.

  • Our Goal:

Our commitment and promises have helped us grow in the commercial construction business. We hope to maintain a huge clientele in Pasadena with our goodwill, quality work, and continuous improvement.

The Process of Commercial Remodeling & Construction

Our team has helped numerous businesses create excellent office spaces. We’ve remodeled top-class commercial spaces in Pasadena, California, from facilities to comfortable remodeling designs. We take our time and care with each project. We’re committed to creating a quality client experience by working hard to finish dealing with real-time complexities. Here’s how we do it:

  • Pre-Design Consultations: We enjoy working with clients on their Pre-Construction projects. It is an important phase to plan and execute a successful plan.
  • Architectural Consultation: Our engineers visit your site/space to examine and review the actual site s that they can design a realistic model.
  • Technology Systems Consultation: A commercial place must have Hitech networking solutions. Our complete commercial building and designing solutions include electric fittings, computer and networking solutions Cameras telephones, and so on.
  • Financial Feasibility Analysis: In a commercial project, it is important to meet the financial budget of a client as there is no limit to expenditure in a big project. We start by taking an estimation of the client’s budget and matching it with exact expenditure.
  • Design and Development: Once all the requirement gathering is done, the real-time construction starts. We deploy a complete team for the construction site under the supervision of the project manager for all projects.
  • Building Interior/Exterior Design: Our interior designers and architects work on your needs with minute detail and help you provide quality interior and exterior design with a budget-friendly option.
  • Documentation, Installation, and Maintenance: Once the project reaches its final stage, our engineers provide complete documentation of the project. The installations are monitored and an inspection of the site is done. We also provide an annual maintenance plan for commercial spaces.
  • Construction Consultation: Our customer service team is available 24/7 to provide you with consultations.

We take pride in working with our clients to create commercial construction projects that are exactly as they envision. We have extensive experience working on all phases of commercial construction, from design and permits to inspections and project management. For a free estimate, call (424) 248-5090 today.

Our Unique Approach to your Commercial Construction in Pasadena

Commercial spaces can be tricky to design, but contacting LUX Construction Group before starting work on your commercial remodeling project can help you avoid common problems and make your workspace more comfortable.

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