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The trends of basement construction & expansion in Los Angeles have come and gone during the last decade. But, it is one of the most lucrative ways of home expansion. As your family grows, one feels the need for it, and every time moving to a new place doesn’t fit into the idea of having a comfortable home filled with sweet memories. All you need to do is get in touch with the best basement development and basement construction contractors in Los Angeles.

Lux construction group is top-rated Los Angeles basement expansion service. Contact now to discuss the installation of a finished basement in your new construction project.

People in Los Angeles like to follow the latest construction choice supported by the ordinance passed by the government. It limits a house’s square footage to a percentage of lot size but exempts basement space from the total. Most likely the basement square footage would remain exempt.

Most common questions people have in mind:

  • Can i build a basement in Los Angeles?
  • Is  building a basement in LA, legal?
  • What is the cost to build a basement in Los Angeles?

 This modification has increased the interest of homeowners and builders in making the basement expansion a special area of the house. The good news is that more than 80% of new construction in Los Angeles is having basement expansion.

Driving the Basements in Los Angeles trend is the convergence of desire and dollar value. People wish to stay in bigger homes having personal space for everyone, but its cost is a major challenge. The teardowns plus new construction in light of size limits do not always have a solid return on investment. Thus, the increased interest in basement construction.

These architects have found clever ways to design basements in the most attractive ways. All of the necessary treatments are done before the construction. Moreover, Basement Remodeling in Los Angeles is as solid and reliable these days as the rest of the house.

The designs are built in such a way that they are fully integrated into the above ground living space. They are functional and commonly used as a media center, bar, playing room, gym, home theater, guest suite, office, or living room. However, the cost of building such a structure is higher.

 The concept of basement expansion in Los Angeles is so well sought after that some of the houses are going for retrofit plans. Builders like Lux Construction Group are exploring ways to retrofit a new basement in an existing house with minimum expenditure.

The city demands a super solid basement due to recurring earthquakes so steel and another earthquake-resistant material is used in its construction. For house owners looking for expansion planes, a new basement is certainly a wise decision. As we mentioned above, as per the current L.A. zoning, a basement’s area is not included in a property’s maximum square footage calculations. As long as a basement does not extend more than two feet above existing grade it can be built anywhere on a lot, up to the limits of property-line setbacks–with no other limits on size. 

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Basement Expansion in Los Angeles

In house construction and interior designing, innovative ideas and new techniques always allure house owners as building a house is like making your dreams come into reality  So, one looks for the best options. But when it comes to taking sensitive decisions like building a basement, we must consult expert architects and engineers. Checking the feasibility is essential as this can be an over budgeted task.

Normally, the basement construction requires waterproofing and a drainage plan to be executed with care and precision. The new construction must have a provision for proper lighting, exiting plans, sewage plans, etc.

Lux Construction Group , Los Angeles’s top basement contractors, has a team of experts that provides executable solutions. Our basement designs are approved by the LA local government, well understood, widely used, and puts no load on the above-ground construction.

Our home architects and designers recommend that basement expansion in city of LA is worth building if the conditions are right.

Here’s a brief rundown of benefits and challenges to basement construction:

Benefits of Basement Expansion

  • Adding flexible, functional space to your home can be easily achieved with basement expansion. There are many benefits you can enjoy with a new or expanded basement, including:
  • Additional square footage with few restrictions.
  • Increased floor area without adding to the footprint of the building.
  • A large single space that can be put to many uses.
  • Extra living and storage space that can accommodate a growing family without the need to move to a new, larger house.
  • Improved energy efficiency as basements has less exposed external walls.
  • An excellent addition in property value should you want to sell down the line.

Basement Expansion Challenges

High Cost 

  • Increased complexity (waterproofing, exit requirements, ventilation, lighting, and plumbing).
  • Soil conditions can have a significant impact on construction costs.

 Why Approach Us?

 Lux Construction Group believes in thinking out of the box solutions. We come up with unique ideas dealing with maximum utilization of space, aesthetically pleasing design, etc. During basement constructions we consider the following steps:

  • We have a furnished plan, cost, and time estimation from start to finish keeping the challenges and extreme circumstances in mind.
  •  In the initial stage, the wet spaces are covered and treatment is done to ensure that there is no leakage. This fixing might take time.
  •  In the meantime, a viable design covering the maximum area is prepared.
  • A restoration plan for various disasters and protecting it from future flooding disasters is developed.
  • With visionary ideas and innovation, a space management plan along with the connectivity and exits are planned.
  • Then you can see a  transformed house with a basement that you always dreamed of. We help you turn your basement into a space where you can enjoy with your family.

 Lux Construction Group has the skills that are required to transform the Dirt Crawl Space under your home into a brand new basement. Our top experience level combined with our skilled craftsmen, organized project managers, and unique resources allows us to provide a new foundation to your home as we dig underneath to create a brand new basement for you.

Want to Build a Basement in Los Angeles?

Initial Considerations

To begin with, the condition of your home foundation and the soil stability surrounding the foundation is checked before proposing a basement expansion plan. This is necessary to avoid the chance of future collapse or foundation failure. If soil is not supportive then a way out to solidify the construction is followed.

Adding a Basement

One of the easiest ways to add more livable space to your home is to add a finished basement. Adding a finished basement involves steps to ensure that it is a valuable addition to your home. Every step of the process requires careful handling. We have a dedicated team of engineers to handle all of the complicated stuff so that you can just lay back and relax.

Making a new or expanded basement livable and pleasant entails installing proper drainage, other proper features and amenities. Our structural experts will design your basement with proper drainage to ensure your basement is dry and free of complications.

Expanding a Basement

Adding more space to your existing basement can be a good idea to add new space. It is significantly cheaper and faster to add on to an existing basement space. If you know exactly how much extra space you need, you can tailor the project towards giving you that space without waste or inefficiency.

It is also important to follow building code while creating a basement. This can include daylighting, building proper exits, and compliance with local fire safety regulations.

If you are interested in the kind of value addition a new basement can bring to your property, you can always consult a realtor in your area to take a look at pricing trends.

We provide Cost-Effective Basement Expansion Services in Los Angeles

basement remodelling services los angeles

Whether it is adding a new basement or expanding an existing one, the process needs to be carried out with great care by skilled and experienced builders and engineers using the right tools and the right materials. Problems during the building phase can have negative effects on your overall structural integrity and increase the dangers of a collapse or foundation failure with time.

This is why it’s crucial to approach the right builders who can be your guide in constructing a basement.  Lux Construction Group has successfully added value to many homes in Los Angeles by planning and executing the perfect basement expansion project. We have helped to improve your living experience on several levels.

We commit to consistently build basements with a high level of professional and personal management and care from the initial design, straight through to the final inspection. Consult us for a free consultation!

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