X-Ray/Radiology Room Design Construction Service In Los Angeles

Hospital designing is complex, and with the emerging trends in the healthcare industry, there is a growing need for healthcare consultancy that offers state-of-the-art design.

There is no room for compromise on patient healthcare. Every clinic designed to do some special tasks like radio and imaging therapy deserves the best possible diagnostic and treatment facilities.  Lux Construction Group has done in-depth research on building patient-friendly  X-ray and radiology room designing. We offer the best facility to build hi-tech labs in the city of Los Angeles.

We know what needs to be done, when and most importantly, how. Our designs are practical involving diverse types of interrelated tasks right from the initial foundation.

Once you give the responsibility of your lab design to a healthcare construction company like ours, you will experience complete peace of mind. our turnkey solutions include

X-Ray Rooms & Radiology Architecture Design

 We formulate and design labs after evaluating the actual site, measuring the space, and exploring other possibilities. We have a dedicated team to serve the healthcare industry that specializes in the core clinical designing domain. They give their valuable input in hospital design and planning. In addition to this, our architecture design always follows the guidelines given by the health and safety department.

MEP Engineering Services in Los Angeles

Hospital mep services in Los Angeles

It refers to the Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing aspects of designing a hospital. We stick to the MEP design facility. Moreover, we take care of all the aspects of hospital lighting and other requirements. Importantly, we use the best material and equipment to facilitate the same by following the standard dimensions.

X-Ray and Radiology lab Landscape Designing

X-Ray and Radiology Lab Landscape Designing Service in Los Angeles

 The Laboratory area of any hospital is sensitive to design as it must provide the best placement of various machines providing adequate free movable space. X-ray and Radiology labs are equipped with delicate equipment. Hence, it becomes essential to take care of the critical areas. Our out-of-the-box solutions cover the minute details.

Structure Design

X-ray and Radiology Lab structure designing

X-ray and Radiology Lab Designing is a tedious task, but with us, it is no more as tedious as it seems to be. We design complete structures in tandem with facility and design experts and architects who are quite familiar with structural details.

Interior Design

Consequently, the interior plays a vital role in master planning. It is something that adds an aesthetic appeal to the labs and provides an appealing look. An immaculately done interior speaks volumes about the construction company’s vision and sense of design. We have executed hundreds of interior projects and are quite proficient in designing the interior of a hospital.

Wayfinding & Signage

The laboratory area should be easy to navigate. Even for a first-time visitor, it becomes easy to understand how to reach a particular lab. Hence, way-finding and signage have their own importance which cannot be denied. So with years of experience in the same facility, we understand how to execute a Wayfinding and signage facility. We are the experts in delivering the same.

Radiology Lab Designing

Radiology Room Designing & Construction Los Angeles

Our radiology design experience includes a wide range of private radiology offices, hospital radiology departments, and radiology laboratories. Radiology design and construction consulting services offered by us are popular services in Los Angeles. We include radiology architectural design, radiology interior design, radiology equipment planning, and radiology project construction management.

A Radiology Lab requires a dome type of design where the radiology machine can fit. Other imaging machines like ultrasound computed tomography (CT), and nuclear medicine including positron emission tomography (PET), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI),  are also placed in the lab.

Considering the above facts, our team participates in the planning and designing of Radiology or Imaging Labs.

In most hospitals, a centralized radiology department is preferred, where both basic and specialized imaging services are located within one zone. In smaller setups, the lab area is at the corner side of the building. There is limited access to outpatients and visitors.

 Therefore extra care is taken while designing the labs. Also, a sitting arrangement is done nearby for the visitors. When it comes to designing the examination area, it’s mostly divided into two areas, one where the doctors stay and another machine area where the patient is attended. Developing a plan that fulfills such challenging requirements requires architectural expertise. We have successfully designed such labs that too with limited space.

We prefer to design the examination room, patient room, consulting room, and image observation room separately managing the space as each room has a special architectural requirement. Also, the need for dark rooms is well thought out during the initial phase itself.

The construction to minimize the radiation effect in the room is controlled by opting for a well-groomed acoustic design.

 The conventional filming, film illuminator with proper orientation and configuration are used to provide protection.

 The ground floor is the best area for lab designing as the movement becomes easy.

X-Ray Room Designing Construction Service In LA

X Ray Room Designing Construction Service In LA

 A conventional lab design with the necessary materials saves money, space, and time. We stick to this strategy when it comes to designing the best X-ray and Radiology labs.

 If you’re looking to upgrade your digital X-ray solutions or build a new x-ray lab in Los Angeles, we offer an array of digital imaging solutions. No matter what your budget, patient volume criteria, or spacing needs are, our digital X-ray solutions can be best suited for your hospital.

We take the help of the doctors and staff to know the challenging areas before developing the actual designs. This enables us to design high-quality digital X-ray rooms in the best capacity.

Building environment–friendly, spacious and workable X-Ray labs are our commitment to our clients. The darkroom facility and the other X-Ray room with an appropriate source of flashlights is the first and foremost need of the X-Ray Lab.

Two main areas are needed in the X-Ray lab. One where the X-ray pattern is obtained and the other one where the diagnosis of X-Ray is done without exposing it to direct sunlight. The two rooms are to be separate and adjacent to each other.

Our X-Ray Lab design considers the following facts

Our architects crack their brains and sometimes they have to go for the reconstruction of the area but they ensure that the final design is accurately meeting the standards of the health and safety department. 

Digital Equipment Fittings and Interior Design

If we are starting a new lab construction or renovating an old lab, we divide the construction into two parts. First, we develop a suitable design and incorporate flexible design areas. In the second phase, we help to place the equipment to create a functional design of the lab. The patient care and movable space for the doctors and staff are our main design considerations.

The electrical

 With the accurate design and accurate placement of the equipment, the X-ray labs, we design, have crystal clear image visibility.

Our roof fittings and other portable fittings create a free space that favors the staff to manage things on the daily basis maintaining hygiene in labs. You can rest assured that your diagnostic accuracy is unquestionable.

High-tech Labs

Our research team is continuously working on exploring the best ways that can help in building X-ray labs in Los Angeles, CA. Comprehensive designs and our long-time experience as a  construction company allow us to build a serviceable lab.