A commercial renovation project plan is another narrowing task that needs strategic planning. You might be having business expansion plans and taking the renovation of office buildings as an add-on asset to your business.

Have you prepared an office building renovation checklist? Don’t rush, take time to prepare a detailed commercial renovation project plan. Let’s have a closer look at each item that must be included in the checklist.

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The post provides a checklist for the renovation process, It also provides a guide to the commercial building renovation process. Let’s look into the details.

Commercial Building Renovation

What is commercial building renovation?

Business expansion and ensuring the safety of the building are the two motives behind the renovation of office space.

A corporate office represents the image of one’s business. You conduct meetings with vendors, clients, and others. The purpose of an office space renovation is functional design.

Remodeling can prove to be a game-changer for your business. The aesthetic makeover of your office will help in taking it to the next level.

Another aspect of the renovation is the safety and security of the building. When it comes to commercial remodeling for your office, the sky’s the limit. But before you contact a general contractor, you must check and prepare an office building renovation checklist. The list will help you in preparing the budget and negotiate with a construction company. So, the list goes:

  • Is there any water leakage in the building?
  • Are there any electrical faults?
  • Does the building have a strong foundation?
  • Is the basement area strong enough to take the load of the building”?
  • And most importantly, does the building require soft story retrofitting to have earthquake resilience?

Once you thoroughly examine the building and know the challenges, you can prepare a pre-construction list. You can discuss this list with the contractor. These tasks can be kept a priority when we start the renovation process.

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Plan for Commercial Building/Office Renovation

Sometimes, the commercial building needs a simple facelift. Other times, it’s more in-depth than that.  In both cases, you need to hire an efficient construction company that can do the interior as well exterior renovation.

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You need to set realistic benchmarks by setting your time and budget. If the building is already functional, then you need to organize that too. An office building renovation process is divided into two parts: Exterior  Construction and Interior renovation/ remodeling.

The activities involved in Exterior Construction are:

  • New Construction
  • Soft Story Retrofitting
  • Basement Foundation repair and remodeling
  • Open area construction
  • Leakage and Electrical Connection Repairing
  • Implementing new techniques like power backup on every floor. internal lifts and so on.

 The activities involved in Interior Construction are:

  • Office floorings such as marble, tiles, terrazzo, and carpeting
  • Glass Partitions
  • Sliding Doors
  • Office windows
  • Glass railings
  • Office Layout redesign
  • Staircase, open area designing
  • Lighting
  • drywall repair
  • Plants and Green Area Designing

Important Consideration:

While executing a building renovation plan, keep a long-term vision in your mind. Think of 10-15 years ahead. Keeping that in mind, focus on exterior construction more at the first stage. The interior design and all other things to enhance the look of the building can be done in later stages. This will be a functional plan within a feasible budget.

Well, while making a renovation plan, consider the new environmentally friendly and energy-saving solutions keeping the comfort and style that matches your business requirements.

Commercial Building/Office Renovation Checklist

Commercial Building-Office Renovation Checklist

It is easy to imagine fixing and replacing everything. As soon as the word “ Renovation” strikes your mind, you think of removing all old things and bringing in the new. But to renovate a commercial building, it is a must to prepare a realistic list using an office renovation project plan template with the consultation of a skilled team.

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Here’s a detailed commercial building renovation checklist :

1. Plan

Creating a balance between desires and feasibility will help you build a renovation process that is profitable. Evaluating the location would be the first step for commercial renovation. Knowing the present challenges will help the contractor plan better.

2. Design

Consider the checklist prepared by our skilled engineers to execute a functional commercial building remodeling plan. A detailed design taking a cost estimation is required for a smooth office renovation. During the designing process, always set the order in which you can proceed with the construction.

3. Pre Construction

This step is done to prepare the building for renovation. To renovate a commercial building, a site investigation by the contractor is a must. This will help in avoiding issues like environmental hazards and other complications.

4. Procuring Materials And Confirming Projections

To avoid delay in the renovation process, communicate with the contractor and ensure that all necessary things are in place before the actual work starts. All the labor, materials, and equipment needed should be in line. Keep track of the purchases as in a commercial project they can quickly shoot up the budget.

5. Construction And Post-Construction:

The renovation list completes with the end task of monitoring. In the renovation process, a time comes when you think that electroless starts. Identify objectives and budget for the renovation and identify the tasks that are going to take time as the expansion of design or basement repair. Monitor the tasks like electrical fittings, plumbing, and so on.

Your checklist preparation will be useful to compare the actual work done and the expected results. You can attend to minor issues that haven’t met contract specifications. This step will help you in the billing process too.

Tips for Commercial Building Renovation Or Remodeling

Most of the renovation work is based on rebuilding and resuming the construction challenges. An overall improvement in design and facilities is the expected outcome.

During the process, you must think of adopting new technology, making the commercial building more functional. The renovation is done to make the place more closer to business needs and create an employee-friendly space.

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Here are some tips for office renovation;

  • Summarize Your Design within a specific budget and time
  • Meet the dedicated team of architects and engineers
  • Choose an office theme that represents your business well
  • Pick up an office renovation project plan template to track the activities 
  • Prioritize fixing major problems like electrical faults.
  • Select a functional Design by keeping the nature of business and the latest trends in mind
  • Review the actual work done with the team.

How to Choose Budget-Friendly Commercial Remodeling Contractor

Choosing the right contractor will play a vital role in renovating your commercial space. You can look for contractors that are specially providing renovation/ remodeling of office buildings.

For Los Angeles commercial buildings, the specific ordinance is passed by the government so hiring an authorized contractor like Lux Construction Group Inc. who is closely following the government guidelines will be beneficial.

While hiring  a general contractor, you can verify a few points:

  • Check the reputation of the contractor in the local area. You can also refer to reviews posted by people on social media.
  • Does the remodeler maintain solid relationships with contractors such as plumbers and electricians and work with them as a team?
  • How many similar kinds of projects the contractor has handled? You can enquire about the latest project.
  • Can the contractor provide a dedicated team of architects, engineers, and workers for your remodeling work to complete it within time?
  • Once the selection is through, scrutinize the contract. Does it seem fair and balanced? And make sure the legal agreement includes all the necessary details.

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